Full Long Lashes For Life

At Eye Candy the Beauty Bar, we offer cosmetic solutions for longer, fuller, more dramatic eyelashes. ECBB has some of the most expertly trained lash specialists who work with you to address your specific beauty concerns through a variety of treatment options. From our Lash Lifts that boost your natural length to Volume Fills, Eyelash Extensions, and more, we can help give you long lashes that last.

Want longer lashes but don’t want the upkeep that comes with Extensions?

Ditch the eyelash curler and book a Lash Lift!

A Lash Lift is a semi-permanent lift and curl of the eyelash that lasts for weeks and causes no damage to the natural lash. A lash technician will apply a safe chemical solution to the lash, and in around 45 minutes you’ll have perfectly curled lashes that make your eyes look more open. For a more dramatic effect, we suggest par this service with Lash Tinting!

Microblading Cape Coral

Tinting: Darker Lashes For Bold Beauty

Light or blonde eyelashes got you down? 

Book Eyelash Tinting Today!

While Eyelash Tinting doesn’t add curl or length, it boosts the look of volume by making lashes darker through a semi-permanent dye. This quick and easy process gives you the look of mascara that never runs, even after swimming or exercising. A lash expert will paint the pigmented dye to your lashes where it sits for around 10 minutes. Tinting is a great way to get beautiful lashes without wearing makeup in under 30 minutes. For optimal results par with a Lash Lift!

Extensions: Longer Lashes More An Even More Beautiful You!

Struggling with VERY sparse brows?

Use our combo brow method and get the added thickness that is completely filled in!

Our Combo Brows method works great for those with combination skin who lack even density throughout their eyebrows. The technique is part microblading and part powder/ombre brow allowing clients to see a soft yet bold brow result that looks naturally beautiful.

Ready To Book A Brow Service?

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