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We offer the best cosmetic solutions for any and all types of cape coral eyebrows. From our incredibly effective microblading to our state-of-the-art ombre brows services, you’re sure to find a service that works and lasts. With EBCC’s services, you’ll work with a trained specialist who knows which cosmetic treatments will address your unique brow concerns.

Stop spending countless hours trying to fill in light-colored or sparse brows and get a semi-permanent solution with our Cape Coral Eyebrows Services.

Were you born with naturally thin brows?
Did you overpluck your eyebrows in the past?

Then Microblading is the service for you!

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that fills in sparse, over-plucked, and thin eyebrows through delicate pigment tattooing. Microblading is revolutionary in the beauty industry because it uses a small amount of pigment that matches your natural brow and hair color, so it looks like your own brow. A talented brow expert will use a manual handheld tool to create delicate pigment strokes under the skin to create the look of natural hair-like texture on the eyebrow and give the illusion of beautiful full brows. Our Cape Coral Microblading service is a semi-permanent procedure and touch-ups can last for up to three years, allowing you to have the bold brows of your dreams!

Microblading Cape Coral

Ombre Brows: Get A Soft, Powdery Look For Subtle Yet Sexy Brows.

Want bolder fuller brows but can’t get microblading due to skin type or maturity?

Ombre Brows Is the Perfect Solution!

We offer the best cape coral powder brows, otherwise called ombre brows for those who want micro-shading. It is a manual cosmetic procedure that’s far less invasive than microblading with a more soft powder-filled result that still gives the desired fullness that clients want. The brow expert will tattoo pigment on the top layer of the skin through an innovative dotting technique. Clients see soft natural brows look gorgeous and never overly done.

Combo Brows: The Best Of Both Worlds

Struggling with VERY sparse brows?

Use our combo brow method and get the added thickness that is completely filled in!

Our Combo Brows method works great for those with combination skin who lack even density throughout their eyebrows. The technique is part microblading and part powder/ombre brow allowing clients to see a soft yet bold brow result that looks naturally beautiful.

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